His "Project Totem" series captures moments in the wild breaching into city barriers, reminding us associated with the relationship among humans along with wildlife.

Thousands involving photographers through all over your globe entered your Fine art Photography Awards regarding his or her chance with winning international esteem.

The winners regarding this year's competition had been announced Friday, July 31. A number Of with the categories include travel, cityscapes, panoramas, nature along with fine art. Winning photographs captured mountain peaks, frozen lakes, massive waterfalls, roaming grizzly bears along with scenes associated with everyday life inside Greenland.

Find more about FAPA's website.

Ukrainian photographer Maxim Dondyuk was announced since the overall winner with the expert group together with his series called "Culture with the Confrontation," that documents 90 days in the Ukrainian revolution in 2013.

Take a new examine the aforementioned slideshow pertaining to images regarding a number of of this year's winners.

In the amateur category, Irish photographer, Jason McGroarty, won. with more than twenty categories divided regarding professional along with amateur ranges involving expertise, the particular contest permitted photographers inside a range of skill sets with almost all the opportunity to earn the grand prize involving $3,000 (professional) and $2,000 (amateur).

Evgeny Dubinchuk won 1st place in the journey category pertaining to his series upon ice skating in Lake Baikal, a new rift lake http://russellordphotography.com within Russia. the lake may end up being the world's oldest along with deepest freshwater lake, containing 20 percent in the world's freshwater reserve.

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